CLR Belfast is Northern Ireland’s leading repair specialist in console repairs. With our experienced combined with available tools we can provide our customers with the very best service for repairing many faults including BLOD (Blue Light of Death), power issues, drive problems, HDMI display problems and much more.


With every console generation we always see new faults displaying .. Some of the recent problems that are becoming increasingly common include the HDMI ports being very easily damaged.. this is down to a design flaw by Sony where they have used a cheaper manufacturing method on the ports, it cuts costs but at the cost of the strength of the port.

We can can successfully replace these ports to bring the console back to life for you. In some cases we have also seen this fault further damage a component on the board that controls the HDMI output. we can also replace this controller along with the port.


Another common issue that is flooding our repair shop is what people are calling “BLOD” or Blue Light of Death. This is very similar to the previous generation Playstation 3 (YLOD / Yellow Light of Death).



Our PS4 BLOD 10-Step Repair Checklist-

  1. Initially test the console Рensure that it displays the correct symptoms and check the relay inside PSU is correctly functioning.
  2. Next we disassemble the console removing the Hard Drive, Power Supply and disconnect the Optical Drive.
  3. As a rule of thumb, we will always test each console in its “MF” (minimalist form – meaning with as little
    connected to it as possible) and with a tested-working power supply – if the problem still persists, we narrow the fault down to the mainboard.
  4. Once the console is fully disassembled and the mainboard is removed, all components of the console is carefully cleaned using an air compressor to remove any dust.
  5. We remove all moisture from the board – this is very important as our next step will be heating the board to very high temperatures, any moisture inside the graphics processor could permanently damage it!
  6. Our next step is to run the mainboard through our BGA Rework Machine. This machine is specially designed for resoldering mainboards. Using the best heating elements in the market, and accurate temperature measuring equipment we can be sure that any risk is eliminated during the procedure.
  7. Once the board is successfully been reworked and back down to room temperature we clean the board and flush any excess flux from underneath the processor.
  8. Fresh Arctic MX2 thermal paste is applied and the console is pieced together in its minimalist form to do a “green light test”, this is a quick test which simply ensures the console turns on and displays on screen.
  9. Console is then fully reassembled ensuring all screws go back to the correct location and all connectors and cleaned with alcohol during the process.
  10. All consoles undergo a full benchmark stress test which will ensure the fault is fully cleared and is then ready to give back to the customer!