With technology always improving and expanding, so does the repair business. Its important to choose the right place to get your gadgets repaired.. taking it to the wrong place can be costly when it goes wrong!

  • All our technicians are very experienced in repairing your device, not just opening it up for the first time learning as they go from YouTube University!
  • All your screws will go back into your device. We get this so often where there is missing screws or they are put back in the wrong place which can cause irreversible damage to your device!
  • along with the experience comes to the tools.. We only use highest quality tools and equipment to prevent damage to opening your device and to aid in the correct repair procedures to guarantee everything is done right the first time!
  • We stock almost all repair parts for the most popular devices we repair. We work along side with various manufacturers and distributors to gain access to the best available repair parts as soon as they are available. We quality check each and every batch of parts we receive ourselves to ensure they are up to our high standards.


Call us today and speak to one of our technicians about your repair, we can guide you through the procedure and how everything works. 028 90 450 281